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officially moving to perth :o so scared!

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llemllekme: Hey, just found you through the 'wakestock' tag and I'm really sorry I can't help you, I booked my ticket in like February...just wondering if you could give me any advice as to what I need to take/buy? I have literally no idea! x x x

hi! oh it’s fine! and it’s just like any other festival really, take your tent and sleeping bag, don’t take your best clothes because last year there was a lot of glow paint, and don’t really worry about bringing food for the whole weekend because there’s an asda near it that you can get your food from if you don’t want to pay the expensive prices! oh and if you didn’t know there’s a beach right near that people go to in the day so bring beach clothes too :D xxxxx

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dalians-deactivated20120927: me and 2 friends are thinking about going wakestock and was told to message you?

hi! sorry if you sent this a while ago i’ve not been on for ages!

well if you are and want to help me out a bit :o, 

if you could book your tickets through here -> http://www2.seetickets.com/wakestock/super_pgroup.asp?code=613009&filler1=id1wakestock&filler2=multiid1wakestock&filler3=

and where it says in the little black box about ambassadors, click on it and put in the code ‘33X  ZI8’

(the I is an i)

thanks a lot if this isn’t too late!x